Family-Centered Care

The Society presents the Family-Centered Care Innovation Award to a unit or program that demonstrates novel, effective methods of providing care to critically ill and injured patients and their families. The awarded team will receive a commemorative plaque and one free registration to SCCM's Critical Care Congress. Up to two other teams will receive honorable mention, including recognition and a plaque.

Deadline and Submission

The deadline to submit an application is August 1 for the following year's award. Questions related to this award may be directed to Adair Andrews. Please use the following guidelines when submitting your application:

  • Limit your team's application to three typed pages.
  • On page one (the cover), include your team's institution/affiliation, unit or program name, and address. List all of your team members' names, credentials and roles. Note whom on the team you would like SCCM to contact about the award and at what address, phone, fax, and email (your team contact).
  • On pages two and three, describe the critical care setting of your team and how it supports patients and their families. The Society will remove direct references from these pages, such as names, to ensure impartial evaluation.
  • By submitting an application, your team agrees to allow SCCM to use information from its application to publicly promote patient- and family-centered care and the award.

Submit Application

The Patient and Family Support Committee considers the following criteria when evaluating applications:

  • Implementation of project(s) linked to direct patient care
  • Demonstration of innovation that provides models for emulation
  • Evidence of multiprofessional efforts to improve care that includes families in the ICU
  • Provision of comprehensive services
  • Fostering of support for families of critically ill and injured patients in ways that are meaningful to families
  • Inclusion of families in efforts to provide care to critically ill and injured patients during their ICU stay, including end-of-life care
  • Provision of data for evaluation of effectiveness


  • Applicants must describe patient- and family-centered care initiatives that have been in place for at least one year.
  • At least one member of the applying team must be a current member of SCCM.
  • Patient and Family Support Committee members can only apply if they step down from evaluating applications in the years they apply. 

Awarded teams and teams with honorable mentions must wait at least three years after receiving the award to reapply. They can only reapply if their application demonstrates new initiatives, not continuations of previous applications. This three-year wait period allows for implementation and evaluation of the new initiatives.

Notification and Process
Two months before the Critical Care Congress, SCCM will notify your team whether it will receive the award or honorable mention. The Patient and Family Support Committee will give all nonrecipients positive feedback and encourages them to reapply.

The Society will present a commemorative plaque to the awarded team and teams with honorable mentions during the American College of Critical Care Medicine Convocation/SCCM Awards Presentation at Congress. The Society expects at least one representative of each of these teams to attend.