Safar Global Partner

The Safar Global Partner Award, sponsored by the Society of Critical Care Medicine (SCCM), is awarded annually to an individual, hospital or organization that expands the global reach of SCCM. The winner will receive a plaque or crystal award.

Deadline and Submission
August 1
Submission Form

Submission Requirements
A letter of nomination is required and must objectively document the candidate’s contribution and direct link to the measurable achievement of SCCM’s international priorities. Information in the nomination letter should be based on results from the most recently concluded fiscal year.

Nominees may be from any country. SCCM members are eligible to nominate candidates. The award selection committee is excluded from submitting nominations.

Criteria a
nd Eligibility
Nominees will have distinguished themselves by material contributions to SCCM’s achievement of its international priorities.
Current strategic priorities are:
  • Increase distribution of the Fundamentals program (e.g., Fundamental Critical Care Support, Pediatric Fundamental Critical Care Support, and Fundamental Disaster Management) in the areas of Latin America, Asia (with a focus on China) and the Middle East Northern Africa (MENA). 
  • Produce and distribute the Fundamental Critical Care Support tropical diseases supplement.
  • Prepare and administer an international critical care knowledge assessment examination through partnerships with local critical care organizations.
  • Combine the domestic and international review course programs into a single, flexible program that meets local needs.
  • Explore opportunities to pilot projects that customize SCCM program materials for specific markets and/or make programs available for wholesale distribution through a local publisher/provider.
  • Implement the Sepsis in Resource-Limited Regions Project.
Candidates are evaluated according to the criteria noted and recommended to SCCM Council for approval by the Society’s three most recent Past Presidents. No more than three awards will be given each year. Winning nominees may not be repeat more than twice in five years.
Please submit questions related to this award to Carol Prendergast.